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It grins, it laughs, it was created by unnatural powers to drown the world in fear, one victim at a time. This demo focuses on the first victim of many.

In "Little Laughters" you play as a little hellspawn named "Little Grin". Your master, Warai, has spawned you to frighten the world in his name! You wear his face, you have his laughter, and laughing is all you can do!

Make your way through the godless world as Grin and locate your victim, then assume control of her and lead her through an eerie nightmare world until she succumbs to the fear and the laughter. This game is a mixture of Horror and Jump & Run.

Playtime around 30 minutes!

The full game will also be free!

There already is a lot of content in the game (It's all not visible in the DEMO though.) This project is growing really well so far.

Development notes and known issues:

- There are some visual bugs related to shifting tilesets in the background, some character sprites mirroring incorrectly, and interface text not correctly moving with the camera.

- The fighting mechanics are still in development and feedback is that the combat is quite difficult and takes some practise to become accustumed to. This should be improved in later releases now that core functionality is in place.


Little Laughters DEMO.rar 835 MB


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The looks great and plays great as well. Though in my case, it would have helped a bit more if I watched its' source material first before playing the game to understand the world this game takes place in. Nevertheless, it's really good.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Played this before when it was on Gamejolt, and I absolutely loved the art style of both the cutscenes and the pixel art. It's a very interesting story and concept.